5 Things I No Longer Own

2019-02-15 17:59 #0 by: Leia

Minimalism is about having things that you need or enjoy, during my downsizing process I decided to clear out some items in my life I felt was not needed anymore. 

1) No Alarm clock - It seems almost everyone has a smartphone these days, making it really easy to set and change your an alarm wherever you go. I found I preferred my phone alarm as it allowed me to choose the ring sounds. Moreover, my iPhone has a built-in sleep tracker which coincides with my alarm so I can manage my sleeping pattern better. I soon saw no need for my alarm clock to be taking up so much space on my bedside table and using up constant power from the power outlet. 

 2) No home phone/landline - Similar to before, I found no need for a stationary home phone given I now always carry my mobile device around with me instead. By getting rid of my more permanent phone, I not only saved on space but bills also. 

3) No phone or address book - Following on from giving up my home phone I decided to give up my address/contact book.  I found that people today are constantly moving around or changing their number, it is much easier to edit their details on my mobile device and save the information to Cloud storage than having to constantly change my handwritten information which made it unorganised and messy.  Also, why waste paper? 

4) Coffee Maker - I recently sold my old Tassimo coffee maker, this was a personal choice as I much prefer tea and would only use the machine once every blue moon. I no longer have to buy expensive coffee pods that would produce plastic waste and take up room in my cupboards. Also, my kitchen worktop is now a lot clearer and easier to clean. 

5) No DVDs/CDs/VHS - Over the years I have collected an abundance of DVDs, CDs and videos. This led me to buy big storage shelves that not only took up space but looked rather untidy once packed.  I still get so much enjoyment from films and music but I can quite easily access them on my phone or laptop through subscription services such as Netflix and Spotify.

Do you own (or not own) any of these things? or are there any other permanent items found in homes that you would argue we don't need. 

Photo by John Salvino on Unsplash

All the best, Leia

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2019-02-18 11:36 #1 by: Niklas

Interesting subject. I have no dedicated alarm clock, no landline phone, no physical phone directory, and no physical music or videos. I do have a coffee maker though I don't drink coffee myself. I bought it for guests. I thought that we should at least be able to offer them good coffee. It’s nothing fancy. It's an all manual Aeropress that takes ground coffee that we usually grind ourselves.

The 5 things I no longer own looks like this:

  1. TV set. Threw it out years ago. Everyone has their own iPads, phones, and computers.

  2. Wired internet. Fast 4G mobile internet has been our only internet connection for very long. Sure, it makes us vulnerable in some ways, but the convenience so far has been worth it.

  3. Wall switch controlled lights. Everything is run by our phones and iPads.

  4. 50 ties. 🙂 I think I own about two ties now but seldom use them. One white, for funerals, and one other for everything else.

  5. Portable PC. I use the iPad and iPhone for everything from work to entertainment.

2019-02-18 15:13 #2 by: Leia

#1 I really like how you downsized your ties! I feel that would be a great place for minimalist beginners to start. I think living in Sweden gives you an advantage to loose wired internet, signal here in the UK is very unreliable.Crying

My mum likes to have a big TV in each bedroom and living room. I think that is excessive but I do see the benefits of having a large screen tv in a family area so everyone can enjoy a cinematic experience together in your own home.

All the best, Leia

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2019-02-18 15:59 #3 by: Niklas

If that is how a TV is used, I could see a point in having one. For us it was usually on regardless of if anyone watched or not, and definitely very seldom was it used by more than one or two at a time.

Sweden is good when it comes to internet access. Good speeds and not too expensive.


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