I just purged my apartment

2019-02-17 13:32 #0 by: Evelina

I went through my wardrobe closet and the hallway closet, which has a bunch of random stuff, and threw away a lot. I also put some stuff in storage and donated three ikea bags worth of clothes and shoes! 

Im on my way to a minimalistic life, however, my biggest challenge is my boyfriend. He doesn't like to organise or get rid of stuff. Any advice?

2019-02-18 11:36 #1 by: Evelina

Update: I went through even more things in my wardrobe. I made a pile of clothing that I wasn't sure if I wanted to get rid of. I went through it one more time and got rid of it. My friend came over and she took most of the clothes to keep for herself or give to other people. Glad 

She couldn't believe I was getting rid of so much stuff. She kept asking what was wrong with this or that. And I was like, nothing! Most of the stuff I kept because when I bought it, I really liked it. But then every time I tried it on to wear I got disappointed with the way it looked so I never ended up wearing it. That was like 50% of the stuff I owned! 

Seriously, I have to stop buying stuff that doesn't suit me lol. Anyone else have this problem? 

2019-02-18 11:46 #2 by: Niklas

#0: I think you are on the right track, he has to go. 😉

#1: It sounds like you have to much money to spend. How about a savings account as your “next thing to get”?

2019-02-18 11:53 #3 by: Evelina

#0 Hahahah Laughing out loud

#1 I have a savings account! I put away a fair amount every month. I don't actually clothes shop that much, I am just bad at knowing  the difference between what suits me rather what looks good on someone else I think. And then I hold onto the clothes for years even though I don't wear it. But now that is going to change! haha

2019-02-18 11:55 #4 by: Niklas

#1: By the way, I used to buy things mindlessly. The first ten years of my work life was probably worst. Then mortgages, insurances and other expenses took over. Not that I haven’t continued buying too many things, but not at the same rate. Or at least not all the time. I have relapses. But I have gotten much better at getting rid of things too. Our house rule is to take one thing out for every item you take in. For a while it was two things out for one in. Except for our son. My wife gets him things all the time, but I think she often forgets to take things out.

2019-02-18 12:05 #5 by: Niklas

#3: I recognize the buying-clothes-for-someone-else-problem. For most of my adult life I bought the wrong colors and sizes. Except for shirts. They were tailor made. 🙂

2019-02-18 12:10 #6 by: Evelina

Yeah that is a really good method! 

Buying things mindlessly is a big issue for the clothes at times. I don't buy clothes that often but when I do, its a good amount. Normally it happens at the start of winter or summer. And I don't actually think about what I need. Normally it was, is it cute, is it on sale, and thats about it. But now I have a checklist in mind. I made it in my notes on my phone. Laughing out loudIt's actually entertaining. 

Things to not buy:

  • Thick sweaters-- too hot. 
  • Turtlenecks-- you hate them. 
  • Pants that don't fit perfectly-- you won't wear them. 
  • Shirts and sweaters that are itchy. 
  • Shorts/dresses, etc that are too short. 
  • Items that don't fit perfectly even if they are on sale. 
  • Spaghetti strap tank tops-- you hate them. 
  • The wrong colors! Even if its cute and on sale.
  • Don't buy paper bag skinny trousers. They look weird on. 

And I made a checklist of things that I know I need (staple items) but never actually buy for some reason. I think because I want the perfect ones at the right price but can't seem to find. 

  • Black blazer 
  • Black long jumpsuit 
  • Long black cardigan 
  • Basic T-shirts - black and white
  • Black midi skirt chiffon 
2019-02-18 12:14 #7 by: Evelina

#5 I always thought guys had it so much easier! There isn't too many things that can go wrong it seems like. 

Balint's buying checklist is: 

Is it slim fit? Is it on sale? and Is it a simple pattern?  (grey, blue or white). 

But he does have a buying issue with shoes. He can't seem to find ones that are right for him. But he did tell me the other day he wants to go to this shop in Hungary for tailor/handmade dress shoes. That is probably a good idea for him. 

Are tailor made shirts expensive?

2019-02-18 12:33 #8 by: Evelina

I took a few photos. This is all the clothes I own now for winter and summer.

I do have a couple for things that are still ”on there way out” but Im a little unsure of.

I also have a drawer for my comfy clothes and gym clothes.

I need to go through my shoes too. 🙈

2019-02-18 13:39 #9 by: Niklas

#6: It’s a god thing you added black to your color scheme considering your staple items list. Do they have to be cheap? It doesn’t look like things you buy often. Perhaps it’s worth buying expensive ones and use them the rest of your life. 🙂

#7: Oh, if you have no sense of what you look like and what suits you, many things can go wrong. I would say that you can pick any 80 dollar tie and it will be wrong. 😀 Tailor-made shirts, when I used to buy them, cost about the same as the better brands of stock shirts if you bought five at a time.

#8: I recognize the colors from your scheme. “For winter and summer”, you mean the whole year? I am pretty sure I own fever clothes items than that. I usually have too many sweaters. At times I probably have owned five times as many as the ones I use. My wife can go a bit nuts buying sweaters for me and when there seems to be nothing wrong with them (right size, color and model) I say thank you and put them in a drawer.

Shoes are really important. You can save any outfit with a pair of good-looking well-cared-for shoes. I used to have too many shoes. In the wrong size... Now I have about three that I use. Also, shoes must be comfortable and therefore can cost almost anything. My everyday shoes lasts up to about 3000 kilometers. There is no way I would walk that long in anything but really comfortable shoes.


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