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2020-10-25, 19:04

What things do you fix when they break?

Are you the type who try to fix things when they break or the type who usually throw away and buy new? Or are you somewhere in between? Fix some, get a pro to repair some, and replace some?

Which things do you repair? What would you always throw away and buy new? Do you engage other people to repair anything?

I try to repair stuff I think will be quick fixes and things that is expensive to have someone else repair for me. Sometimes I break things more while trying to repair them. That often is rewarded with new knowledge. 🙂

Mostly, when I try to fix something, I succeed. Often it tend to take longer than I expect. Replacing a parking break switch in the car would typically take twenty minutes in my head and 3 hours in reality. Last weekend, I replaced our kitchen sink fixture. It took a little less than an hour in my head. Including buying thread converters (I found them in the third hardware store I visited), it took half a day. 😀

[Photo by Kilian Seiler at Unsplash]

Best regards, Niklas 🎈

2020-10-26, 09:08

I usually try to fix things if I have time to figure it out. I tried to fix my headphones, I watched YouTube videos and took them apart but it didn’t Help. It also depends on what it is that breaks. If it’s electronics I’m a bit less able to fix them on my own. If it’s clothes related then I know how to fix it. But for instance, my winter boots that got a hole in the bottom, I decided not to go get fixed because I bought them on sale a few years ago and the backs were actually not symmetrical to each other. So I decided to just buy a new pair this year. However since they are good quality and a timeless style, I will pay to get them fixed at the shoe maker every year.

2020-10-26, 13:39

Good shoes are always worth taking care of and repairing. I let a shoemaker do the repairs. When I buy shoes with leather soles, the first thing I do, is let a shoemaker put thin rubber soles on them. That makes them much less slippery in winter and protects the leather from the elements. I have a few pairs of shoes like that and they have been around for twenty years. For many years I wore them daily regardless of weather. The only thing I have to do, is polish them and put shoe blocks in them when not in use. For some reason, shining shoes is a chore I enjoy. Possibly because it’s so rewarding to see them do their job day after day and yet looking good year after year. I wish sneakers and other modern shoes were repairable too. It’s not just that they get worn, the materials also deteriorate over time. After walking 1500 or 2000 kilometers they don’t have the bounce and protective features they had when new. Good shoes are one of the items I think is worth paying a lot of money for. They are supposed to Support your whole weight and let you walk effortlessly without putting stress on other parts of your body. They also are one of the first things I notice about peoples appearance. They can tell you a lot about the person wearing them. What condition are they in? Are they maintenance free or do they demand your daily attention? Have you given them proper care or do you wear them down and buy new when they fall apart? Are they well made or designed to look like something they are not with false stitches and fake materials? Wear well maintained good-looking shoes, and the rest of your outfit won’t matter. 😃

Best regards, Niklas 🎈

2020-10-26, 19:06

I agree, good shoes are so important for Support and overall aesthetic!

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